July Family Activities

July 4th finds us at Skyview Beach for a picnic and a family outing on the water.

Jeff was quite responsible and is showing more signs of self-reliance.

Jeff had his own ideas about what playing pool meant. But it was far from a regulation table anyway, so we indulged him as long as it didn't involve throwing the balls. July 11.

Late July finds Rod working on walling up the dirt excavated area at the end of the basement to provide more storage space and a basement sink.

Rod had never laid block before, so this was a considerable challenge - the kind of thing that home ownership gets you into. It involved a lot of wheelbarrow excavation and was slow work, but it turned out alright and has been very useful. Once the block was laid, he solicited the help of Len, Andy and Steve Shoemaker to help with the concrete pouring.

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