Christmas at Sherry and Len's

We had our traditional Christmas Eve gathering at Sherry and Len's this year.

Herb and Andy are in line for food as Wesley, Sherry and Bonnie help behind the counter.

Sherry helps Herb's plate while Bonnie fixes up the corn-on-the-cob.

Andy seems pleased with the portion he has gotten.

Herb is still involved in getting food, but Jeff would rather investigate the Christmas tree.

This is the first Christmas for Mark and Stacey, who are nine months old. With three little ones, the adults were looking forward to seeing their excitement.

Well, so much for the joy of Christmas! One of our family statements about this age is that they can go from despair to elation in about 30 seconds, and shortly later both Mark and Stacy were enjoying the process again. But they gave us a classic image.

With the little ones back in a good mood, we had a happy time of fellowship around the Christmas tree. Bonnie and Wesley, Roger and Denise with Stacey and Herb.

To Christmas Day

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