Brenda, Jeff and Mark by Fireplace

A nice place to be on a cold January night. At home in front of the fireplace. January 17, 1971

The year had started with a gathering at our house on New Year's eve. Bonnie, Brenda with Jeff, Sherry and Sue Nave. Sue and Edgar were living in the area at that time.

Mark seems to be chewing his way out of his shirt! It's hard to anticipate what they are going to do at this age. January 3.

Jeff seems right proud of himself in his red bathrobe, up on the dressing table. Jeff didn't really have need of the dressing table at this stage, but he was very much into climbing. We even found him on top of the refrigerator. January 11.

Jeff liked playing on Rod's workbench in the basement.

To February and snow

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