January 11 brings a change for Rod's Mother as she moves from the house on Dill Street in Newport to a federal housing unit on Garfield Street in Newport.

Brenda with Mark and Jeff at fireplace. A nice place to be on a cold night. January 17.

February brings snow and some good times to play indoors. With spring comes an Easter egg hunt and Mark's first birthday.

Photo of Dorothy in her office in April of 1971.

In May, Jeff's 3rd birthday brings us together.

In June we find enjoyment in the boys' growth, and in the playfulness and joy of Mark.

June brings a trip to Arkansas and a visit with Philippe and family.

We made a trip to Florida for the launch of Apollo 15

In the Fall, the boys are growing rapidly . It is a good time for family time.

We gathered at Mama's for the traditional Christmas Eve family gathering.

This year we enjoyed Christmas Day at home.

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