To Florida for Apollo 15 Launch

July 24-26, 1971

Our whole family made the trip to Cape Kennedy, accompanying the Society of Physics Students from Georgia State University to observe the launch of Apollo 15 to the moon. These are relatively close views of the Saturn-V launch platform and all the supporting structure. Below you can see one of the cryogenic tanks for holding the liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen fuels.

Part of the crowd gathered along the road to watch the launch on July 26. This position was about three miles from the launch platform.

Apollo 15 at the moment of liftoff.

The photos aren't dramatic, but the experience was. I expected the sight to be exciting, but was surprised at the intensity of the sound at three miles from the launchplatform. It was not only loud, it was filled with pops and cracks, not a steady roar as I had expected. I guess the pops and cracks are from turbulence in the motion of the hot gases of the exhaust.

Family time with the boys in the fall

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