Christmas Eve Family Gathering, 1972

Our traditional famly Christmas Eve gathering was at our house this year. Jeff, Mark and Stacey had been looking forward to it all day.

Probably the most excited were Stacey and Mark. We didn't wrap the big yellow Tonka truck, and Stacey and Mark pounced on it immediately. With those eyes, what else need be said?

They loaded up the blocks in the truck with complete concentration, were immersed in the process of playing with this truck for a long time.

Mama and Wayne and Sherry joined us for supper and the sharing of gifts.

Jeff helps Brenda open a package in front of the fireplace.

Mark among the debris. He had opened one of Brenda's gifts - a bottle of perfume - and exclaimed "It's medicine!" and tossed it aside. Everybody had a big laugh about that, and he enjoyed the smell of the perfume once Brenda had opened it.

To Christmas Day

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