We entered the Winter of 1972 with all of us healthy, and with two happy, growing boys. We felt very blessed. In February we made a trip to Texas to visit Philippe and family.

In April we made a trip to Florida to see the launch of Apollo 16.

Frank, Orvetta, Naomi and Wanda on a trip.

In May we celebrated Jeff's 4th birthday. We also attended a picnic of church friends at Rep Landers' lake house.

July 4th brought a picnic of Georgia Tech BSU alumni at the Woolf's.

Bobby and Suzanne are married in Arkansas on August 19.

Brenda with Jeff and Mark at Jacksonport Ferry, Arkansas. We have a good visit in Arkansas.

In September we accompany the Georgia State University BSU on their pre-school retreat to Mrytle Beach.

In October we travel to North Georgia for a Sunday School retreat at Lake Burton.

We got a kick out of Mark watching Dad shave.

Crazy Bonnie comes up with a family Halloween Party.

Jeff and Mark and Stacey are at a good age to enjoy Christmas.

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