Roosevelt State Park, May, 1974

Sherry and Len and Bonnie and Andy joined us for a weekend outing at Roosevelt State Park. Jeff and Mark enjoyed fishing with Uncle Andy, despite the fact that Mark had a fullblown case of the chicken pox. Sherry took Mark and Brenda took Jeff in paddleboats on the lake.

Len and Sherry and Bonnie and Andy relaxing on the front porch of our accomodations at Roosevelt State Park.

Jeff and Mark enjoy roasting marshmallows over a campfire we built. They always enjoyed a fire, as do most boys. My standard statement about the boys I work with in RAs is "Every little boy is a latent pyromaniac." It was great fun to see their enjoyment.

Mark sharing a marshmallow with his Aunt Sherry.

Andy is pushing his luck. I wouldn't mess with a woman who has a long, whiplike marshmallow roaster.

Explosion next to Wayne's house

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