Bent Tree Beginnings

Rod, Brenda, Jeff and Mark by the newly graded driveway for the house at Bent Tree. May 10, 1975. A lot of planning had gone into getting to this point, so stepping back to April 5, look at the appearance of things then.

This is a view of our intended house location up on the slope of Big Stump Mountain on the high side of Chestnut Cove Trail, Lot 5185. The view is roughly northeast toward the Burnt Mountain Range from the back left corner of the house location. Unfortunately the large oak tree had to be taken out because it sits about where the fireplace of the finished house was to be.

This view is straight out from where the front of the house will sit. The location of the picture is about in the middle of the front deck of the house as built.

This view is about at right angles to the first view above, shot from the large oak tree showing in that first view. Shot from the front left corner of the intended house, it includes the entire current house location. The large oak tree was about 10 feet from the back of the house as built.

Our station wagon is parked in front of the lot before grading began. Behind the station wagon is the corner of the lot where Len and Sherry are standing in the picture at right. We had gotten Otis Pauly to survey the lot and plot a driveway path that would give us minimum slope. It started at t he left front corner of the lot and ran diagonally to the other edge of the lot above Sherry and Len above in order to keep the slope less steep. April 5.

One last look at the deep green of the undisturbed forest at the house site. It was a shame to disturb such beauty, but we determined that we would keep things as natural as possible around the house. May 1.

The driveway cut has begun, and this is what the bulldozer and end loader have done in two hours! We had contracted with Troy Brown to do the grading. May 8.

The view of the driveway cut from the top where the parking pad will be.

The driveway cut is to the top and they are now turning to excavate the actual house site.

Soon the driveway was cut and graveled so that we could drive up it. Jeff and Mark enjoyed playing around on the driveway. May 10.

It was an exciting time to actually be able to drive the station wagon up the driveway to the house site.

The house site has been leveled off and prepared, so the next stage is to dig footings and start construction.

Brenda and Jeff and Mark check out the location of the future house.

Above, Len stands in the back corner of the house location and Mark and Jeff are perched on the dirt bank created.

We jumped into digging the trench for the water line up the new driveway with a Ditchwitch. It was a tough slog with all the roots and rocks, so we were pleased to finish that job. Len stands with a pick as if he has some thoughts about what to do with this witch.

This has become our symbolic picture of the beginning of the Bent Tree adventure. May 10, 1975.

Beginning of house construction.


Bent Tree
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