We thought a lot about building a house at Bent Tree this year, and went up in early April to scout out our intended house site.

In May we began construction on a cabin at Bent Tree. This occupied us a great deal during the summer. We were able to get the house dried in by September.

By June 12 we were able to start framing of the house.

The July 4 weekend saw us erecting the roof trusses.

On July 6 we started the roof decking and got to the point of being rain-proof. Adding to the excitement of this phase was the visit of a rattlesnake.

We still had family time at home, even though we spent a lot of time in the mountains. In August we made a trip to Newport, Arkansas.

On Labor Day weekend, starting on August 30, we started the process of putting shingles on the roof of the Bent Tree house.

In September we had a small family reunion with Aunt Kathryn. Fall family activities centered around home and school.

November gave us some nice weekend weather for some finish work at Bent Tree.

We gathered at Mama's for the Christmas Eve celebration.

Edgar and Paul on Paul's birthday.

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