Family Time at Home

Brenda reading to Jeff and Mark, as we did almost every night. We valued that time with them with all the current busyness. This is in Mark's room. August 9

We always left Mark settled in his bed, but there was just no telling where he would wind up. We called him the "migrant sleeper". At least he didn't travel far this time -- just off his bed and into the laundry basket.

Trip to Arkansas

Jeff and Mark with their Pooh's at their Grandmother Nave's house in Newport, Arkansas. We made the trip on August 23.

Dorothy with granddaughter Jennifer.

Sunday dinner at Mother's on August 24. Sue, Jim, Brenda and Dorothy, with Jeff grinning from the corner. Mark is having a good time in the opposite corner from Jeff. We had put Mother's big table up in the living area for the dinner, and had put the boys in the corner chairs with TV trays.

Jeff and Mark with their Grandmother Nave on her couch. August 24.

We put chairs together for the boys to sleep in Mother's living room. They always seemed to take it as an adventure. Mark surely doesn't seem to mind.

Mark and Jeff on their two-chair bed in the living room. In the background is an end table with some of Mother's family pictures, including a black and white portrait of Brenda and Rod.

The next day we got together with Philippe and Mary Sue. Here is Jeff, Suzanne and Mark. Dave was in the picture but his eyes were closed.

Dave and Suzanne Nave, August 26, 1975.

Mark and Jeff with Jim in front of Dorothy's house.

Putting on the roof


Bent Tree
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