Putting the Shingles on the Roof, Bent Tree

Labor Day Weekend , 1975

Rod and Len start the shingling process on August 30.

Rod had made up a set of roof jacks in the shop at home so that we could put scaffold boards up on the steep roof. The jacks were nailed up under the shingles with a heavy gauge rectangle of galvanized steel. We could then remove them when we finished without damaging the shingle job.

We had to move our temporary basement kitchen to make way for a shop for the finishing work for the next floor. We carried up the radial arm saw from home and set it up.

Sherry fixing lunch in our basement kitchen and dining room for this stage of the construction.

With Dennis and Mary Beth Fennell up to help for the weekend, we had a good fellowhip at meals in the basement. Jeff and Mark played around on the stairs up to the main floor which was yet to be finished.

Getting closer to a finished roof, Rod nails on shingles on the back side of the house.

Late in the afternoon, Len and Rod put on the cap ridge of the shingles and declare the roof complete. Now we could begin more of the inside finishing.

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