Starting with outside finish work, Bent Tree

November , 1975

Getting Jeff and Mark into the outside painting at Bent Tree, under Mom's watchful eye. November 9.

Rod has managed to completely cover himself with sawdust in the process of cutting trip molding for the front glass doors.

Len has a good view of the fall leaf colors as he stains the back part of the house.

The view out our front glass doors on the main floor, November 16. We were greatly inspired by this view in our first fall in the house. The previous fall, this was strictly forest - we had come out of the ground in May and could now stand on the main floor with a roof over our heads to enjoy the view of the woods and mountains. At the bottom of the picture is our driveway, which was still gravel at this point.

Sunset through the trees from the main floor.

Front view of the house on November 30 when all the leaves were off.

Fall events at home
Winter at Bent Tree, beginning of 1976


Bent Tree
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