Bent Tree Activities, Winter 1976

We were keen on locating our house on the side of the mountain we could see from Jasper. The above shot is taken from the overlook, and it is hard enough to locate the house from there. With all the leaves off, we could just see the house from the overlook, and it is located by the arrow on the side of Big Stump Mountain. You can see a bit of Buckskull Court snaking down the mountain below it. February 14.

One exploration we always like is the hike to the ice falls. Extended cold weather produces these icicles on a spring up on the side of Big Stump Mountain. February 14.

Jeff is up on the steep side of the mountain behind the house. You can just see the house through the trees. Jeff is far above its roof level. February 21.

Rod and Mark have gone over to one of the roads by the lake where you get a good view of Big Stump Mountain on the side where our house is. Mark is looking at the house through binoculars. February 21.

Mark is up on the slope behind the house, close enough that you get a good view of the house through the trees. February 29.

Just the beginning of emerging green leaves in this view from our front window. This view would become very familiar, but we never tired of it. April 3.

The sunset toward Sharptop Mountain is another view we never tire of.

The crew is up for a pancake breakfast on April 4. Wesley has joined Sherry and Len and Brenda, Mark and Jeff on this end of the table. We got the house dried-in in late fall and have not done much work since. We can now use the main floor and have set up the table, framed in a crude sink, and are still using our green camp kitchen for storage.

Rod is busy fitting out the commode in the bathroom on the main level. We had made the bathroom in the basement functional some time ago, but this is to be a full, finished bathroom with a shower and will be a very welcome addition.

Brenda shows the nature of our kitchen sink at this time. It is not beautiful, but it is fully functional and very helpful in our cooking and cleaning. Besides, the view is wonderful.

Spring construction, Bent Tree

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