Spring Construction, Bent Tree 1976

Rod begins the process of wiring the house. Rod, Len and Sherry did all the wiring.

Sunset and Sharptop Mountain through the budding trees and dogwood blossoms in early April.

As the sunset deepened and the overall light level dropped, the reflection off Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack became more prominent through the trees.

Mark swinging on a big grapevine over the driveway to the house.

The grapevines on a number of the trees around the house location were a great source of entertainment for Mark and Jeff and their friends.

Mark is barely visible below, out in the woods swinging on a vine.

Wesley helps Rod with the rock retaining wall construction beside the house. This was our Labor Day weekend project, and it was certainly labor! September 1.

Bonnie and Andy at suppertime at Bent Tree after a hard day's work. Wesley is behing still showing the remnants of working in the black mortar on the stone wall. Note the use of our old camping cabinet upstairs for storage before we got the cabinets in. September 6.

Rod continues to work on the rock retaining wall and the stone steps leading to the back door. At left is September 18, and he is still working on it on October 2, below.

We didn't spend all our time working. This is a view of the lake at sunset from the overlook. October 2.

Dennis Fennell came up on this weekend and helped Rod on the wall.

Jeff and Mark pitch in to help with the mixing of the mortar.

Jeff takes a turn with the hoe.

Rod continues to work on the rock wall and steps into late October.

Mark and Jeff explore the fall woods and play games on the rock steps.

Fall events at home
Winter 77 at Bent Tree

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