Fall of 1976

Mark starts to school

Mark's first day at Lucius B. Clay Elementary School was August 30.

Mark with proud Dad on the first day of school.

The shrimp boats at Darien, Georgia. We had gone down to be with the Georgia State BSU students at their fall retreat at Jekyll Island and had gone to Darien for a shrimp dinner.

This view is actually slightly earlier than the one above it, showing the beginning of the reddening of the light toward sunset.

Mark looks sunburned in the red light of the last rays of the sun. Actually, he probably was sunburned since we had been to the beach.

Jeff was very much involved in Cub Scouts and this began our involvement with Scouting. He was in a den that met at Doris and Bob Jefferson's house. November.

Winter of 1977
Construction at Bent Tree

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