Winter, 1977

Mark in his jungle motif room. January 9.

Rod, Mark, Brenda, Jeff in our living room, January 9.

Brenda in the living room. January 9.

Brenda, Mark and Rod in the den at our normal dining table, and in our usual places. This was a part of testing out Rod's new Yashica 35 camera and Vivitar 283 flash. January 9.

Rod in his office in the basement in one of its cleaner phases. Doing records in the little red-bound record books he used for over 20 years until the advent of personal computers in the early 80's. January 14.

Rod reading in the La-Z-Boy in the den. Experiment with available light photography with the Yashica with 80C filter. January 14.

Rod reading to Mark and Jeff in Mark's room. It was a regular part of our family routine.

The whole clan on the occasion of Uncle Albert's marriage to Aunt Bill, January 15.

Mark and Jeff in front. Rod and Brenda, Len and Sherry, Andy and Bonnie.

This image is included because it is one of the few pictures we have of Gladys Bishop. She was a major part of the life of the family.

Mark cooperates with a picture in Rod's office. It was taken with the Canon AE-1 as Rod moves into the Canon era - taken with available light. Taken with no filter, but adjusted in Photoshop. February 10.

Jeff in the middle of a Cub Scout pack meeting. On left is Keith Wright and on right Ricky Gray. February 24.

Rod experiments with Atlanta night view from Boulevard Bridge. Yashica.

Shot through window of Brenda and the boys on the couch at bedtime. Yashica time exposure. February 1977.

Family looking at old photo albums at Mama's. Denise, Len, Sherry, Andy, Aunt Kathryn, Brenda. March 11.

Marjorie, Wayne, Aunt Kathryn.

The gathered clan. Back row: Denise, Len, Wayne, Andy, Rod. Middle row: Stacy, Sherry, Marjorie, Bonnie, Brenda. In front, Mark and Jeff. March 11, 1977.

Sunday afternoon safari

Mark and Jeff agreed to accompany Rod to look for bugs, flowers, anything on which he could practice his close-up photography. The safari inevitably wound up on the creek bank throwing rocks. March 20.

Brenda doing laundry. She is always doing something to take care of the rest of us. March 27.

Easter celebration
Bent Tree April flowers
Closeups around home

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