Winter activities of 1977.

Rod, Jeff and Mark make a snowy January trip to Bent Tree.

We continue with Bent Tree construction, but the house is now comfortable enough that we can use it as a base to enjoy the surroundings.

The boys enjoy Easter baskets at home, April 10.

Mark's seventh birthday, April 13.

Rod is doing a lot of playing around with close up pictures of flowers and such.

Bent Tree comes alive in with the April flowers which bloom in profusion to beat the canopy of leaves of the hardwood forest.

On May 1 we went to the Physics Club picnic at Indian Creek Lodge.

Spring brings outdoor family activities, such as softball for Jeff and Mark.

We made a trip to Arkansas in May for the funeral of Aunt Pearl.

Jeff is enjoying Cub Scouts and involves the whole family.

Rod is still keen of flower closeups at Bent Tree. May and June bring different flowers, but still a lot of them.

Dorothy and family in living room.

We made another trip to Newport, Arkansas in July for Rod's High School Reunion.

Jeff goes to GSU with Rod to the ESR lab.

We attend our first Marriage Enrichment retreat with Charlie and Marcia Brown.

Bent Tree fall flowers.

Jeff and Mark in surf at Jekyll Island.

The shock of a cancer diagnosis in October.

Fall activities at Bent Tree.

Trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving.

Another trip to Bent Tree in early December to work on stairs.

Home for Christmas.

Family photo for Christmas and a time of gratitude.

Back to Bent Tree after Christmas and a view of the ice falls.

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