Closeups around home


This dogwood flower is just beginning to open up on March 27. Leaves start peeking out about the third week in March in Atlanta, and the dogwood blooms are not far behind.

Bee on white azalea, April 13. f22. Shows pollen on leg and rear end.

This seems to be some variation on a skipper butterfly on the white azalea. The Insects of the World book says the skippers "tongue" is extraordinarily long, which it must be if he is getting any nectar from this position.

Iris in the back yard. It was shot in full daylight at f32 with flash, which made the background black.

Two false dandelion flowers on the same stalk. May 14.

This spider was found during a tour of the woods behind the house. August 28. The crittur below is a fly carefully disguised as a bee.

This beefly was another discovery on one of Rod's backyard safaris with the boys. Shot at 1:1 at f22. October 1.

Bent Tree April flowers

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