Bent Tree Fall Flowers


There are some flowers blooming almost all the time during the growing season at Bent Tree. This bell-shaped flower was found on August 18. It was shot at f22/60 at m=1, flash at 1 foot. August 18.

Rod is such an avid "small-game hunter" that even a common housefly might be the target.

This flower gives you flashes of yellow color by the roadsides in the fall. September 3.

This flower persists throughout the summer, or at least something that looks like it. It appears to be pollinating now, judging by the yellow deposit on the bee's head. September 3.

This looks like a half-sized honeybee! It may be half the size of a regular honeybee, but it certainly has gathered a full-sized load of pollen on its legs. I was surprised to see this amount of pollen in the fall. Septemper 3.

A firefly on golden rod. September 3.

This fancy flower was on a stalk of similar blooms. September 3.

Fancy caterpillar that Jeff found while fishing on Labor Day. September 5.

A bright green squash bug that the boys found on a rock while they were unloading sand. September 17.

Fine specimen of a buckeye butterfly on a bush near the spillway at Bent Tree. Shot at f22/60 with flash with Kodachrome 64 slide film. September 17

Underside of the buckeye butterfly. The pattern in the eyes is presumed to be an artifact of the use of the flash.

Wing detail of buckeye butterfly. September 17.

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