Trip to Arkansas

May 21, 1977

We made the trip to Arkansas for the funeral of Aunt Pearl Bunch, who had died on May 19.

The above photo was made in 1968 when she was 83. She was in a nursing home most of the time after that but survived to age 92. More details about her and Uncle Leland in the 1957 tribute to the two of them.

Mother in her kitchen, fixing up some breakfast. She was comfortably settled in her house on Garfield Street.

This is a grouping of the family, gathered in Newport at First Baptist Church for the funeral of Aunt Pearl Bunch. May 21. The roll call L-R is Mother, Karen, Dorothy, Suzanne, Shirley, Jim with Chris, Sue Cockrel, Larry and Janet Hunter.

Shirley and Suzanne at Mother's house.

Mother and Dorothy at Mother's house.

Dorothy and family in her living room.

Jeff in Cub Scouts
Bent Tree May flowers

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