Rod and Jeff to Bent Tree

May 13-14, 1978

This is a view of the Bent Tree mountains from the top of the water tank just above our house on the top of Big Stump Mountain. May 13, 1978.

A view of the houses at the overlook. I think it was taken from the top of one of the water tanks, but it could have been over at a viewpoint along the road down from the top of Big Stump Mountain.

Rod and Jeff explored Big Stump Mountain, and Rod was taking a picture of a wildflower near the water tank at the top of Big Stump Mt. Jeff took the photo.

Jeff at the overlook point in the curve of the road leading down from the top of Big Stump. This was a favorite viewpoint of ours.

Jeff must have been tuckered out from the mountains climbing. He sacked out in the upstairs bedroom.

Rod fitting the vanity sink for the upstairs back bedroom, June 3.

Jeff and Mark enjoying roasting marshmallows on June 3.

Bonnie and Jeff with string of fish

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