Bent Tree in Winter

With the leaves off, you get a good view of the cloud in the valley below the Bent Tree house. Having spent time working on the house at Bent Tree, we hung around to enjoy the new year. This was actually on December 30, 1977.

The cloud around the top of Sharptop Mountain.

New Year's day brought a dense fog. It gave the mountains a magical feeling. You were isolated in the cloud.

We went back home and had an ice storm there on January 14. These are icicles on the crabapple tree.

Jeff holds an ice replica of an acuba leaf from beside the carport. Everything was sheathed in ice.

The icy conditions hung around for a week or so and the neighborhood kids enjoyed playing in it. Jeff takes a turn down a driveway on a "big-wheels".

After a while at this adventure, Jeff was covered with snow.

The prolonged cold spell made it a good time to go back to Bent Tree and visit the ice falls above Chestnut Cove Trail. January 28.

Note the large chunks of ice in the foreground that have broken off the ice formations, like a glacier calving.

With the continuously running spring, all kinds of ice formations are made. It is always a neat place to visit in cold weather.

This was larger than we had ever seen the ice falls. About a month of sub-freezing weather had given it a lot of time to build up.

This was a memorable trip to the ice falls. It was a great time for Jeff to play around with the icicles and build himself an ice cave.

On this January 30 trip to Bent Tree, Rod and Len began to cut out paneling for the loft bedrooms. With the sturdy stair to the top floor now finished, it was easier to carry building materials up to work on finishing the top floor.

Rod fits a panel door for an entrance to the angled part of the attic which will be used for storage.

Our top floor vantage point gave us a beautiful clear view of the mountains to the north near sunset.

Mountains of Bent Tree
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