Physics and Astronomy Faculty and Staff

May, 1979

L-R: Gus Petitt, Bill Mallard, Frank Hsu, Rod Nave, Jim Purcell, Martin Meder, Dave Wingert, Bill Nelson, Dick Miller, Steve Manson, Bob Hankla, Hal McAlister, Joe Hadley, Kathy Duggleby.

These images are from a set of color prints that are stamped May 79 on the back. I don't remember details, but I apparently just tried to get a picture of everyone in the department.

Joe Hadley and Dick Miller in Joe's office.

Jim Purcell and Martin Meder at the board in Martin's office. I don't see how they can make anything out of what's on the board.

Gus Petitt getting a little help setting up a piece of nuclear instrumentation.

Bell Nelson mounting a crystal for ESR studies.

Hal McAlister with optical bench and electronics - maybe part of an interferometer? His interferometers got a lot bigger!

Bill Mallard making an explanation to a student.

Frank Hsu with nuclear instrumentation in his laboratory.
Rod teaching the Physics of Music and Speech in 526 Kell Hall.

Dave Wingert in classroom 519 Kell Hall.

Jim Purcell in laboratory 516 Kell Hall.

Kathy Duggleby, our indispensable office manager.

Three graduate students of that time: Doug Garland, Kevin Carpenter and Chuck Antoine. Doug was working with me on a Master's thesis project in acoustics.

Rod in research laboratory

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