Scouting was a big part of our lives this year. Both Jeff and Mark were active in Cub Scouts under the leadership of Bob and Doris Jefferson. This year Jeff moved up to Boy Scouts and both he and Rod enjoyed the hikes. Both boys made "pinewood derby" cars during January and raced them. Mark won 2nd place. We had a snow in February and the boys enjoyed sledding. Jeff and Mark participated in both basketball and track with the RAs. We took the Webelos scouts (Jeff's group) up for a hike at Bent Tree. In May, Rod's Mother, sister Dorothy and Jim visited us and we made a trip to Bent Tree. Rod enjoyed celebrating his 40th birthday in July by going on a hike on the Appalachian Trail with Jeff and the Boy Scouts. In late July, Brenda and Rod went with the couples Welcome Sunday School class on a trip to Highlands, NC. In August, Rod and Jeff went on a three-day Scout campout on Cumberland Island. Rod had become the photographer for Scout Troop 531 and took pictures for Marty Martin's and Mike McMahan's Eagle Courts of Honor. We enjoyed our traditional trip to Arkansas at Thanksgiving and the boys enjoyed the big pack of fireworks we picked up for the occasion.

Below are links to some images of that year.

Family pictures on January 7.

More January events.

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race was held on January 25.

We had a snow on February 19 which was deep enough to play in and enjoy.

Cabinet work at Bent Tree, March 31

March brought kite-flying weather for the Cub Scouts.

April brought wildflowers. Rod was keen on collecting closeup photos.

Mark's birthday, April 13.

Easter brought an Easter egg hunt in the yard for the boys and Stacy.

We had our RA Track Meet at South Cobb Stadium on April 21.

Rod took photos of Physics and Astronomy faculty and staff in about May.

Rod in research lab.

Cabinet work at Bent Tree, May 4-6.

Brenda had her 20th High School Reunion on May 13.

Mother, Dorothy and Jim came for a visit on May 13.

Webelos to Bent Tree, May 26-27.

Family trip to Bent Tree, June 17-18.

Jeff's first Court of Honor after his transition to Boy Scouts, July 17

Rod celebrates his 40th birthday by heading out on a hike with the Scouts, July 21.

We made a trip to Lee's Inn, Highland, NC with the Welcome Class, July 28-29.

Jeff and Rod to Cumberland Island with Scouts, Aug 16-19.

Bent Tree August and September activities

Fall activities.

Our Sunday School class trip to Bent Tree, October 20-21

Thanksgiving in Arkansas.

Continuing stair construction at Bent Tree, December 14.

Christmas eve at Grandmother Thomas'

Brenda and boys by fireplace

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