Fall Activities

September, 1979

Mark and Jeff had gotten a set of colored clays, so they used it to create a hanging scene.

I thought it was pretty clever, if macabre. They had to glue together popsicle sticks to make their gallows and make a hangman's rope out of string which looked like rope.

Rod's games were a little different. He was poring over the page proofs for the Second Edition of his and Brenda's textbook, "Physics for the Health Sciences". It was a significant revision, so he spent a good bit of time at the drawing table, doing ink-and-mylar drawings of revised or new illustrations for the text. October 3.

It's certainly not all work and no play, though. You can see evidence of Rod's passion for tennis, usually with brother-in-law Len. Also there is evidence of his passion for "small game hunting" such as spiders, flowers, and other closeup photography subjects. There are also posters of pictures of Scout outings with Jeff and Mark.

Jeff and Mark in their Scout uniforms after we had attended an Eagle Court of Honor for Marty Martin and Mike McMahan. October 6.

Jeff on the "monkey bridge" at the Scout Show in downtown Atlanta near the later location of the World Trade Center. November 10.

Sunday School class to Bent Tree

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