Sunday School Class to Bent Tree

October 20-21, 1979

Our Sunday School class made a trip to Bent Tree to enjoy fellowship among the fall leaves. Nell Lee, Lela Glick, Donna Pollard, Brenda Nave, Barbara Stargel.

Barbara Stargel helps with preparation for lunch.

The gathering for our Bible study time includes Earnest Pollard, Rod Nave, Doug Glick, Jake Lee, Brenda Nave, Nell Lee, Lela Glick, Barbara Stargel.

Nell Lee and others help Brenda with lunch preparation.

Around the lunch table: Jake Lee, Lela and Doug Glick, Nell Lee, Rod and Brenda Nave, Earnest Pollard, Donna Pollard, Barbara Stargel. Jerry Stargel may have still been working for Bent Tree on the weekends, so he may have been working.

On Bent Tree's putting green: Dave and Audrey Smith, Rod and Brenda Nave, Lela and Doug Glick

Jeff gets to explore down by the lake as the others enjoyed the lakeside views.

These are the kind of views we got on this fine fall weekend at Bent Tree. At right is Sharptop Mt over the lake. Bottom right is a view of Lake Tamarack from the dam.

Thanksgiving gathering in Arkansas.

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