Basement Finish Work at Bent Tree

November-December, 1980

Len works on finishing sheetrock joints in the closet of the basement bedroom on November 22. We had worked hard at getting the sheetrock done, but had not sheetrocked this closet when Claude Bennett came to do all the other sheetrock finishing. He stippled the ceiling of this closet for us, but we had do do the rest of it.

We had made major progress in the basement with getting sheetrock finished, ceilings stippled, and walls painted. Rod is cutting out shelves for the under-stair closet on December 10.

Rod placing shelves in the downstairs utility closet.

Rod painting the basement bedroom and closet after Len had done the sheetrock finishing in that closet.

After many phases of use during the construcion, the basement floor is now free! Rod is etching it in preparation for painting. The basement walls have been finished and painted. December 11.

Rod painting the basement floor.

Jeff and Mark by Christmas Tree

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