We started the year with activities with both church and scouting. We hosted the Welcome Class at our house for a social in mid-January and Rod left the next day for the "Scouter's Winter Campout", an attempt by adult scout leaders to camp out in the coldest part of the year. Rod and Jerry Stargel coach the RA basketball teams, with both Jeff and Mark playing. Then there is the Pinewood Derby for both boys - and all this is in January! Jeff continues to play cello in the school orchestra.

In March we made a trip to Washington, DC and visited the Teagues. Just after that, there was the RA track meet, and then a trip to Cumberland Caverns with the Cub Scouts in early April. May brought the weekend Scout camping trip called the Cobb-o-ree, and at the end of school at the first of June the boys were off to Camp Lee. We spent a good bit of time at Bent Tree during the summer, with Rod and Len working hard on sheetrock and other finishing work.

August brought a memorable Scout camping trip to Jack's River in the Cohutta Wilderness of northwest Georgia. Then Rod and Len set in to finish the basement at Bent Tree. It was a busy fall for Jeff, with Scouts, Orchestra, a choir program at church, and construction of a stereo amplifier Heathkit. Rod did photography for two Eagle Courts of Honor, for Dale Harmon and Michael Cole. He also did a lot of copy work to build an album of old family pictures.

We enjoyed our traditional Thanksgiving trip to Arkansas to visit Rod's family.

Want to include cp802-20 Scouters winter campout
cp 803-20 Campfire
cp804-7 Welcome home, Rod and Brenda
cp805-1 or 2 RA basketball team with Jeff and Mark
cp807-20 winners of pinewood derby
cp8011-19 Mark, Jeff, Stacy Easter egg hunt
cp8016-11,12 Brenda, boys, Skelton children
cp8014 Scouts with Mark
cp8022-5,12 Mark and Brenda feeding rabbit with eyedropper
cp8024-1 Jeff and Brad, scouts at Jack's River
8016-12,14,17 Jeff with cello, orchestra
cp8036-16 family gathering in Arkansas at Suzanne's
cp8044-18 Mark and Jeff with presents under tree, Thomas's
Below are links to some images of that year.

Jeff and Mark went to Camp Lee in June.

Basement construction at Bent Tree, July 12-13.

More Bent Tree basement work, August 25 - September 1.

Visit to Bent Tree for tree cutting, September 8.

Family trip to Bent Tree, September 20-21.

Welcome Class to Bent Tree, October 18-19.

We enjoyed our traditional Thanksgiving trip to Arkansas to visit Rod's family.

Fall visit to Mama's house.

More basement finish work at Bent Tree, November and December.

Christmas day, Jeff and Mark by Christmas tree

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