To Bent Tree for Tree Cutting

September 8, 1980

Jeff Pickett was the guy that climbed the tree and took it down from the top, section by section.

We had admired this great oak tree that stood probably 90 feet tall just behind our house. But it had turned sickly, and we were afraid that we had disturbed its roots in building. If it came down, it could flatten the whole house! So, sadly, we had to make the decision to take it down.

Jeff went up with ropes, and Fern Trippe belayed him from below. Dean Neighbors was also involved in the cutting.

Jeff tied himself off with just ropes. I didn't see any sophisticated hardware.
He single-handedly brought down the tree, piece by piece. He certainly had to know where to cut to not drop anything on himself.

Finally he was at the point where he could just saw down the remaining trunk.

He watched it slowly topple.

Jeff and partner survey the fallen giant.

The limbs give Mark something to climb on, October 4.
Family trip to Bent Tree

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