Work Weekend at Bent Tree

June 18, 1981

Len placing molding under the stair after the stippling is completed on the ceiling of the basement room.

Len tackles the staining and finishing of the doors.

Len sanding a closet door after staining and the first coat of clear finish. Spraying may go quickly, but sanding these slatted doors is a lot of hand work.

Len has gone into production with the finishing of the closet doors and is staging the finishing.

Len went into production with the staining and finishing of the doors, and knocked out most of the doors in the house in a couple of hardworking weekends.

Spraying a finish clearcoat on one of the doors.

Rod works on the construction of a refreshment bar for the basement recreation room.

Assembling the frame of the basement bar. The longer section of the faceplate is attached, and I am framing for the shorter faceplate for the front of the sink portion.

To make the stainable end for the bar, I glued two 1x12's together to make a solid board. The joiner came in handy for smoothing the edges before gluing.

Cutting the curve in the bar top with the sabre saw.

I wanted to make the bar shallow so as to minimize the space taken from the area for the ping pong table. But then I had to widen it at the end to accommodate even the tiny bar sink.

This meant I had to bend the edge laminate around the curve that I had made, so I used the cutout from shaping the bar to make a custom clamp to make sure the laminate sealed well on the curve.

A closer view of the curve in the edge laminate and my custom clamping arrangement.

Applying the contact cement for gluing the laminate to the top of the bar.

June 19 was Father's Day and Brenda had made Rod a cake to celebrate.

Jeff and Mark to Scout Camp

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