January started with a whirl involving the Pinewood Derby with Scouts and basketball with the RAs. Rod and Jerry Stargel continued to coach the RA basketball teams through a busy January and February schedule. In May the boys participated in the RA Track Meet.

During the spring Jeff and Rod took a scuba diving course at Georgia State and we made a trip to Florida for their checkout dives. Before proceeding to the Keys, we went on a dive with Dave and Sherry off Pompano Beach. Then we went on down to Marathon for the official checkout dive.

Mark played soccer in the Fall and the whole family enjoyed that. Rod got into photography of the soccer.

We had an enjoyable trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. There was a whirl of musical programs at church during December with Mark singing in a musical called "Christmas Fever". We had a nice Christmas celebration at Grandmother Thomas'.

Below are links to some images of that year.

January visit to Bent Tree, January 2-3.

Happenings of winter 1981.

We had an RA basketball tournament on February 28

Spring events

Building of rock fireplace at Bent Tree in April.

Up to Bent Tree on May 8 for finish work.

Gathering of Georgia Tech BSU alumni at Sam and Sharon Shelton's, May 23.

Family gathering at Bent Tree for Memorial Day weekend, May 30-31.

Went to Bent Tree on June 18 for work on stairway.

Jeff and Mark head out for Scout Camp Davy Crockett on June 28.

Florida trip for scuba diving, August 16-22.

Jeff on Scuba checkout dive, Marathon Key, August 22.

Installation of fireplace insert , Bent Tree, September 5.

Mark plays on Thunderbirds soccer team, September.

Family trip to Bent Tree on October 3.

We made a trip to Bent Tree with our Sunday School class on October 17-18.

Mark is active in soccer during October.

Jeff and Mark with Grandmother Nave at Thanksgiving, November 25.

Jeff and Mark enjoyed exploring the Arkansas farm.

Some images of the Christmas programs at Mableton First Baptist.

We got to visit the ice falls at Bent Tree on December 20.

We made a picture of Boy Scout Troop 531 at our December meeting on Dec 20.

The Rubix Cube guys, Mark and Brett Skelton, December 22.

We had a Christmas Eve celebration at Mama's house.

We gathered for dinner at our house on Christmas Day.

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