Events of Winter 1981

Brenda and Rod on a visit to Mama's house.

On a trip to Bent Tree on February 21, the weather was good enough to explore the creek parallel to Buckskull. Mark is sitting in the deep moss patch on the trail to the lookout.

There were lots of wonderful places for the boys to explore. Above left, Jeff and Mark are beside the waterfall to the side of Denny Ridge Road. At right above, they are beside the stream that runs down parallel to Buckskull Court just down the mountain from our house.

Jeff and Mark are seated in the deep leaves on a slope leading to the creek east of Buckskull Court, a favorite exploring place all year long. In the winter, because of the deep hardwood forest, there was an abundance of leaves and they concentrated even more in places like this.

Mark along our trail to the overlook off to the east of Buckskull toward the Burnt Mountain Range. We explored this trail often.

RA Basketball Tournament

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