Jeff and Mark explore Arkansas farm

November 26, 1981

Mark feeds one of Bobby's horses in the field across the tracks from our old someplace.

Jeff and Mark enjoyed exploring the farm, and I enjoyed going with them. This was my old stomping ground when I was their age.

Jeff makes friends with the palomino.

The horses graze on the hill across the tracks that was our watermelon patch. So I had spent a lot of time there.

Jeff in the hay continued the strong feeling of history with me, since I had done the same thing here many times when I was his age.

The palomino was willing to be friendly, especially if you had handfuls of hay.

Mark found that putting out the salt blocks was also an attraction.

Most of the cows were eastward toward the creek that ran through the old farm. This was lower land and may have had more grass.

But when the cows saw us near where they got extra feed, they gathered around.

You can see the railroad track behind us. It splits the farm diagonally and the houses are on the other side.

The salt was an extra attraction for the cows as well. Jeff and Mark enjoyed the exploration, but maybe I enjoyed it more than they. It was a great opportunity to walk around with them on the farm where I grew up.

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