Bent Tree Trip with Sunday School Class

October 17-18, 1981

On the dam overlooking Lake Tamarack. Back: Joyce McWaters, Betty Willoughby, Brenda Nave, Sara Payne, Elizabeth and Lloyd Ogburn. In front: Don McWaters, Jesse Payne, Rod Nave.

L-R: Mary and Jimmy Demming, Dave and Audrey Smith, Rod and Brenda Nave, Doyle and Nylah Wilhite, Sara and Bill Stipe.

This is the mountainside including the houses at the overlook, taken from the cliff off of Buckskull Court below our house. This is a walking group, so we hiked down Buckskull and off to the east to the cliff from which you can see the Burnt Mountain Range.

Don and Joyce McWaters with fall color background.

Mark made this picture of Rod hugging Brenda at the Bent Tree house.

Mark at lookout off Buckskull

Mark sitting on the edge of the lookout with a view of the Burnt Mountain Range behind him.

Mark on the thick soft moss off to the east side of Buckskull Court near the stream.

We made the trip to this remarkable moss patch many times. We would head down Buckskull and make a right on an old logging road to the creek. Then a short distance down it there was a path up under the cliffs off Buckskull where we could get a good view of the valley way below. Along this path was the moss patch, where the moss seemed to be about three inches thick, like a mattress.

Mark Soccer

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