Mark and Jeff with Grandmother Nave

Mark and Jeff with Grandmother Nave at her house on Garfield Street in Newport, Arkansas. November 25, 1981.

We made our traditional Thanksgiving trip to Newport, Arkansas and the old home place to visit Rod's Mother and the family remaining in the Newport area. We went by way of Nashville as a route more entertaining to the boys. Part of that was stopping in South Pittsburg, TN to buy a selection of fireworks. Swapping and dividing those fireworks pieces then entertained Mark and Jeff the rest of the way to Arkansas.

Brent, Mark and Bryan have a good time together.

Jennifer with Bryan, Mark and Jeff on the hearth at Bobby and Suzanne's house.

Brent is very intense about this process of lighting a firecracker.

He seems quite proud of himself when he gets the job done. He has two enthusiastic coaches in Mark and Jeff.

Dorothy's house on the hill is in the background.

Jennifer has now joined in the fireworks play in the field close to Dorothy's.

Jennifer and Mark with fireworks. Suzanne has brought Bryan out to join in watching them.

Suzanne surrounded by all the young ones. Brent was just tuckered out by all this fireworks excitement, but Bryan seems to be still going strong.

Jennifer watches as Jeff lights a firecracker?

Four generations at the piano. Dorothy Tirey, Naomi Nave, Suzanne Lassiter, and Bryan Lassiter.

Bryan, the fourth generation, is ready to do a concert for us.

Rod climbs one of Dorothy's pecan trees to shake some more pecan down. Mother and Dorothy take up the job of shelling them for a pie.

Exploring the farm with Jeff and Mark


Naomi Nave
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