Chistmas Eve Celebration at Mama's

Surrounded by presents on Christmas Eve.

The three youngsters get right into the gift opening.

Jeff, Mark and Stacy enjoying their gifts around the tree at Grandma's.

Mark and Stacy are patient with another posed picture.

Mama settles into the rocking chair with a gift.

Bonnie and Roger enjoying a photo album.

Mama and Bonnie along with Bernie.

Dave, Wesley and Andy watch some of the happenings.

Granny Duncan joins the celebration and Mark and Stacy take gifts to her.

Mark and Stacy with their Great-Grandmother Duncah.

Mark makes sure that Bernie gets a gift too.

Dave is surrounded by Brenda, Denise, Sherry and Bonnie.

Aunt Kathryn arrives and once again Stacy and Mark serve as gift bearers.

Christmas Day celebration

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