RA Baskeball Tournament

February 28, 1981

We had active basketball teams in all three divisions of our Royal Ambassador program at Mableton First Baptist. Pastor Bob Skelton was from Rome and had arranged for the teams from Garden Lakes Baptist Church in Rome to travel to play us on neutral ground at a gymnasium in Rockmart. Rod Nave and Jerry Stargel were the coaches for the Crusader RA team, Grades 4-6, which is shown here.

MFBC Pastor Bob Skelton is the Referee. Thomas MacFarland takes the opening tip for the Mableton team.

Reb Burnett dribbles the ball down with a Garden Lakes player in hot pursuit. Rob Skelton backs him up.

Mableton players looking for a pass. Who's bringing the ball down?

A crowd of blue defenders around the goal as Garden Lakes takes a shot.

Lance Tucker is ready for the rebound.

Reb Burnett runs downcourt.

Rob Skelton dribbles agains a Garden Lakes defender. Reb Burnett backs him up.

Rob Skelton dribbles under the close scrutiny of the Referee (his father).

Referee Bob Skelton puts the ball in the air.

Mark Nave, Buzz Rowland and Rob Skelton on defense as a Garden Lakes player brings the ball down.

Rob Skelton (20) takes a shot.

Mark Nave gets a rebound and carries it downcourt.

Mark takes a shot over a bunch of orange defenders.

Rob Skelton on a hard drive.

Thomas McFarland shoots from close in.

Mableton makes a defense wall.

RA Pioneer game

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