To Bent Tree for Thanksgiving

November 24-25, 1988

We went up to Bent Tree for Thanksgiving, and it was so warm that we could even wade the creek! We were exploring the stream above where it empties into the lake, and close to Tamarack Drive is a waterfall that is pretty nice. Rod just needed to get to the other side of the creek.

Sherry seated by the small falls, which are downstream from the larger falls which are closer to the road.

We went to Lake Tamarack, where we were approached by some Canada geese, which we enjoyed.

Wesley brought his small boat, so he and Mark went fishing.

The leaves are off the trees, and the clear day gives a view of Big Stump Mt. Our house sits a bit below and to the left of the big tower you can see at the top.

Mark shows off his fish.

The Canada geese were their companions on the lake all day.

Wes's little boat served them well for fishing.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at the Bent Tree house with Mark, Sherry, Andy and Bonnie, Marjorie and Brenda.

At some point, Bonnie, Mama and Brenda had snuck in some pumpkin pie. Must have been while the rest of us were fishing.

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