April 14-17, 1988

Stately Charleston houses on the way to the Battery.

Waters edge at the Battery, with the sidewalk and hovering gulls.

Rod had a physics teachers meeting at the medical college in Charleston and we enjoyed a relaxing trip there.

Aircraft carrier across the bay from Charleston

Jerry Bailey's Birthday

May 8

Details are forgotten, but we decided to invite Jerry Bailey and the children over to the house to celebrate his birthday. It was Jeff's birthday as well, so we already had a cake. Here Tina Mangum, Lauren, Scott and Jerry look at photo albums.

Lauren and Joy with Tina and presents on the floor. Brenda remembers that Tina had met Joy at school - part of Tina's teaching or maybe practice teaching as she approached her graduation from Georgia State.

Mark Visits Truett-McConnell

May 21

Mark makes a visit to Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, GA as a potential college for the fall.

The pleasant campus has a view of the mountains.

GSU Graduation

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