Finishing the Basement Room

December 19, 1988

Beginning the Remodeling

With Mark home from Truett-McConnell for Christmas break, we started on the process of remodeling the basement to build a recreational room where we could have youth activities.

We had built a stud wall just beside the furnace and had built a closet to hold a sound system. Mark is beginning on the paneling of that wall.

Rod nails up paneling around the front window.

Mark with part of the framing for the cedar closet that we were building under the stair.

Jeff wires a receptacle on the front outside wall of the room.

Rod uses the ping-pong table as a workbench for cutting out the stairsteps in the paneling to go beside the stairway.

Rod prepares to install the stair-fitting piece on the inside of the stairwell. The bottom steps have been blocked in to prepare for carpet on the stairs.

Mark wires in speaker connections on the west wall. With the media closet we were preparing to send sound signals over the drop ceiling to speakers on that wall. We made good progress on the paneled wall during this week before Christmas when both Mark and Jeff were out of school.

Christmas Breakfast
Suzanne and Brian Look-alike

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