RA Campout to Bent Tree

July 21-22, 1989

I planned an RA Campout for this weekend, but only two boys signed up: Richard McGraw and Forrest Marshall. Mark agreed to help, so we took off to Bent Tree.

At least they got to roast hotdogs on the campfire.

This was Rod's 50th birthday, so Brenda had made a cake to go along with the hotdogs.

Supper with Richard, Forrest, Mark, and Jennifer Holbrook.

Richard and Rod with the cake.

Forrest and Richard didn't mind the celebration since it came with cake and ice cream. Mark helps serve the ice cream.

Mark tried some ping pong with the boys. We played some games, but had no trouble getting them to settle down for the night. To make it more a camping experience, they had pitched a tent in the woods near the house.

Richard and Forest were proud to get the tent up and were ready to crawl into it.

Once they got into their sleeping bags, they slept through the night. We didn't hear a peep out of them.

In the morning after breakfast we headed out for a hike. Jennifer Holbrook had come up, so she joined us on the hike.

We followed our traditional route up Chestnut Cove Trail and then up to the ridge which leads up Big Stump Mountain. We paused here at the rock ridge for a break after the steepest part of the climb.

Up Big Stump Mountain to the level of the rock ridge.

We climbed to the top of Big Stump Mountain to the water tanks, and are now heading back down the mountain to the house.

Couples Fellowship Class to Bent Tree

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