This year Mark continued at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland. Jeff with Marty Dye and Michael Buxton took off to Colorado to work on the ski slopes at Beaver Creek. During the summer, Mark and Rod took off to the high Sierras of California for a week Summit Adventure.

Mark and Truett-McConnell friends make a trip to Bent Tree February 25.

We made a picture of Bryan and were amused at how much Bryan and Suzanne looked alike at similar ages.

Rod took boys from Mableton First Baptist to the Associational RA Racer Derby on March 4.

Family pictures in the spring.

The Georgia Tech BSU group had a gathering at the Veranda in Senoia, Georgia on March 18.

Mark explores around Dick's Creek on May 4.

Mableton First Baptist Choir on May 28.

We and the Baxleys visited Warren and Sue Woolf on May 30.

We visited Vicksburg on the way to a family visit with Philippe and Mary Sue in Longview, Texas, June 14.

Close-ups at home, July.

Rod and Mark led RA Campout to Bent Tree July 21-22.

Couples Fellowship class to Bent Tree, July 29.

Mark and Rod build deck extension and shed at Bent Tree, August 3-7.

Rod and Mark headed west to experience a Summit Adventure. They left early to visit with Wanda and Charles in Oregon. We stayed to enjoy a church picnic with them and then joined Charles and sons on a salmon fishing trip. Mark and Rod took off the next day for a loop tour of Oregon with Crater Lake as the major attraction.

After the visit to the Northwest, Rod and Mark rode a bus to Fresno, then a shuttle to the start of the Summit Adventure where they did rock climbing on Turtle Rock, hiked to the peak of Acorn Mountain, experienced a day of solitude, and then returned to Turtle Rock for rappelling.

We took the RAs to Bent Tree on October 10-11.

In October, several couples from our church attended the Fall Festival of Marriage at Ridgecrest.

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