Couples Fellowship Class to Bent Tree

July 29, 1989

Ranae Hamby, Genny Hembree and Brenda in the kitchen making breakfast for the members of the Couples Fellowship Sunday School class who had made the trip to Bent Tree.

Jerry Hamby and Ray Hembree wait by the table.

Around the breakfast table are Wayne Rogers, Jerry Hamby, Lynn Rogers, Genny and Ray Hembree.

You can just see Ranae with Jerry Hamby, Ashleigh Rogers has joined Mom, Brenda at the end, and Genny and Ray Hembree.

Yet another angle on the breakfast table shows Brenda, Genny and Ray Hembree and Wayne Rogers.

Coffee time on the deck with Ray Hembree, Wayne Rogers with Ashleigh.

Kevin Rogers and his friend Brad accompanied us.

Rod and Mark work on deck at Bent Tree

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