Mark and Truett-McConnell Friends to Bent Tree

February 25, 1989

On this clear, cold day in February, Mark and friends headed for Bent Tree to explore. On the steps of the Bent Tree house are Rodney, Pam, Jill, Mark and Steve Davol.

Mealtime at Bent Tree. Steve Duvall, Pam, Jill, Mark, Rodney and Todd.

Steve walks past Mark's orange VW and right into the line of fire of the snowball fight. There was enough snow on the grown for a skirmish.

Having gone down Chestnut Cove Trail to the top of the steep hill, they head up the streambed where Mark knows there will be an ice formation.

Mark leads the way up the streambed. Tricky footing with ice beneath the leaves and patches of snow. This is a trail Mark has followed many times.

Of course one of the prime objectives was to explore the ice falls. The falls were well-formed, indicating a lot of cold weather, but it must have been reasonably mild that day for Mark to be wearing short sleeves.

The left end of the ice falls were the best formed. We think these are fed by springs that don't stop running even when the temperature is below freezing. It's on the rocky north side of the mountain, so maybe there is some artesian pressure.

Rodney, Jill, Mark and Pam in the shadow of the ice falls.

Pam, Mark, Jill, Steve

Rodney getting the idea of making swords out of these icicles?

At the left end of the formation are some really long, sharp icicles. Steve and Rodney have collected rocks with which to break some out.

Steve takes aim at some large icicles. Note the smaller ice formations in the distance along this rock ridge.

Rodney has a go at dislodging a big ice chunk.

Rodney collects some long sharp icicles.

Rodney impaled by a long icicle. That has to smart!

Jill holds an icicle and a grapevine! I guess the grapevine is to keep her from sliding down the mountain when the swordplay starts.

Pam is Jill's second in the duel to come?

En garde!

I think she's got him!

She's going for the tonsils!

Up above the major ice falls were other ice collections, indicative of spring action further up.

On this mountainside were some large grape vines. Rodney swings high on one large vine.

Steve takes a swing on the big vine.

Steve Davol
Bryan and Suzanne look-alike

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