Installation of Pool Table

November, 1990

Beginning the assembly of the new pool table was a celebration of the finishing of the basement recreation room, which we hoped would find lots of use by Mark and Jeff and the youth and college age groups at the church. We had researched pool tables and always came to the recommendation of getting one with a slate bed and have it assembled in place.

The frame of the pool table is in place. Two men came with the pieces in their truck and assembled it in the basement.

The heavy slate bed came in three pieces and was cemented in place.

Fastening down the slate bed and sealing it. We had never seen anything like this done.

The felt was added as a full sheet and then worked into the desired configuration at the pockets.

The felt was stretched and stapled to the wood frame that was bonded ot the slate pieces. Cutting and stapling around the pockets made a smooth job at the corners.

Besides assembling pool tables, the guy in the red shirt and his wife had just won a trip to the Bahamas in a couples pool tournament. He said he worked at this pool table assembly job mainly to keep his health insurance because he has a daughter with leukemia.

Rack 'em up!

Mark takes the first break on the new pool table!

Rod and Mark were the first to try out the new table. I was happy to reach this point because we had spent a lot of time researching the table and the whole process of getting it.

Jeff gets his first chance at the new table.

Mark and Jennifer Holbrook play a few rounds. We are pleased to have the table and are getting used to it. It is very nice.


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