In March, Brenda and Sherry accompanied a mission team to Lima, Peru to spend a week with the people there. They then spent another week to go to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu.

Rod took some of the RA boys to the Associational RA Racer Derby in March.

One highlight of this year was an August trip to the Florida Keys to visit Sherry and Marjorie, who were living in Tavernier. We enjoyed a lot of Scuba diving and activity on the boat.

Our Sunday School class made a trip to Bent Tree on November 4.

We took the RAs to Bent Tree for an overnight and hiking in November.

November also brought the installation of a new pool table, a landmark in the basement remodeling.

We enjoyed a family gathering for Thanksgiving .

Jeff and Mark and friends made good use of the new recreation room in November and December.

Meanwhile, Rod continued to work on the remodeling of the area during that time.

The choir and youth group presented a Christmas cantata "The King" on December 15.

We gathered at Mama's house for Christmas Eve.

We started with Christmas breakfast and continued the Christmas day fellowship all day at home.

On December 30, Rev. Edwin and Trumie Wix celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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