Christmas 1990

December 25, 1990

Christmas at home.

We had a relaxed time of fellowship at home on this Christmas day.

Wesley arrived to join us.

Wesley, Jeff, Andy and Bonnie relax in the den.

It was a time for family fun.

And the exchange of a few more gifts.

It's time to eat again! And a fine meal has been prepared.

The announcement of lunch caused a stampede from the basement. There seems to be some conflict about who will get to the table first.

Christmas dinner is a credit to all the cooks, Brenda especially of course. Wesley pitched in this time.

Marty Dye joins us for the meal.

Steve Fulton, Marty Dye and Jennifer Holbrook join with the family for Christmas Day games.

Some kind of game is going on, but I don't remember what.

A gift exchange got everyone involved.

Bonnie winds up with this cool pair of shades.

Part of the gang wound up downstairs. This celebrated the adding of the pool table and the work of Rod, Jeff and Mark on the remodeling of this room.

A Christmas day pool tournament was underway.

Marty takes a shot.

Edwin and Trumie Wix 50th Anniversary

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