Edwin and Trumie Wix, 50th Wedding Anniversay

December 30, 1990

Rev. Edwin and Trumie Wix celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a reception at Mableton First Baptist Church. Don Wix's daughter Britney is next to Trumie.

Brenda with Mrs Dunn, teacher of 13 yr old girls at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. She taught Brenda and Bonnie when they were 13. She is 81 years old in this picture.

Brenda with J. E. and Verda Holbrook. J. E. was a deacon at Mt. Pisgah during Brenda's childhood. They lived on Gordon Road and Brenda remembers seeing him in overalls in his fields and in a suit on Sunday morning. His fields were at present Racquetworld location close to Boggs Road.

Christmas day fellowship

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