Jeff and Sponge at 100ft on Conch Reef

August 23, 1990

Molasses Reef, Pennekamp Park

Sherry, Mark, Jeff and Rod dove on Molasses Reef in Pennekamp Park, August 19, 1990. It was a shallow dive, only 20-30 feet. There was a strong current over the reef, with the large sea fans waving in the current.

Molasses Reef, Pennekamp Park

Sherry, Jeff and Rod dove again on Molasses Reef in Pennekamp Park off Key Largo, August 21, 1990. Some of the rewards of this dive were a nice rock beauty, a spiny lobster, some nicely plumed tubeworms, and both mature and immmature stoplight parrotfish.

Conch Reef, Florida Keys

Sherry, Jeff and Rod reached 105 feet on this dive on August 23, 1990. It was characterized by large sponges and soft coral.

Hen and Chickens Reef

This was a bright, shallow reef with lots of fish and soft coral. It seemed like a good place to give Brenda her first taste of scuba diving. August 23.

RAs to Bent Tree

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